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Arckan Ad is a new device intended for any small to large scale company interested in displaying pictures and videos on a display screen to it's onlookers. Banks, stores, hotels, offices and restaurants are only a few of the many types of companies using the Arckan Ad as an advertising tool to display ads and promote products and services from within the company. It’s as easy as plugging it into the screen just once and then you’re done .

As you can see the photos and videos will now be displayed and can be remotely controlled from any computer, tablet or smart phone in the world. The device only needs to be setup one time on it's intended display screen and will run off of the wifi connection so that the graphics being displayed on the screen can be remotely controlled and managed. No matter how big or small your business is, the possibilities of advertising your product or service using the Arckan Ad are endless. Please visit our website to learn more about Arckan Ad


    Arckan Advertising Media Player

 Arckan Ad Media Player is made for continuous and issue-free use in commercial places. The Arckan Ad Player Software is preconfiguredin and shipped with the Media Player - simply plug and display.The software for the Media Player is ready for remote Content management, Screen andPlaylist settings using the Annual Agreement for Arckan Ad advertising.The compactness of Arckan Ad Media Players makes them simple to plug into the HDMI port of any TV. For periodic updating, these players can be connected to an LAN (using USB - LAN adapter) or to a wireless internet connection.Through this website, all content is created using Remote Service which updates the Media Player automatically at periodic intervals.


Arckan Ad provides digital advertising software that is comprehensive and easy to use, and functions on a Media Player connected to a Monitor or TV (LCD / LED / Projection / Plasma). The Digital advertising software does not require any other additional complex software or hardware installations and setup since it is all- inclusive. Arckan Ad is a solution that allows Remote Management of Signage Content, Display Screens, Playlist and Banner setting for all installations, from one place. For Display Signage Network Integrator and Operators and Business Owners looking for a plethora of features at low costs and flexibility, this is a good bargain. Check out Online Demos for all Arckan Ad Digital Advertising Software and Remote Service features.